Wordy Wednesday #25

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Solitary: To be alone without companions; The person was in a solitary state in the isolated island.

Crimson: A type of color; The girl’s cheeks were a crimson color after tripping over a rock.

Diabolical: Having the qualities of a devil; The plan was so diabolical, the kid thought he was a mad scientist.

Totalitarian: synonym: tyrannical; Rulers in most kingdoms are usually totalitarian.

Adversary: A group or force that opposes attacks; The adversary had many plans to kill the protagonist.

Vanquished: To conquer or subdue, defeat; The Union vanquished the Confederates during the Civil War.





Wordy Wednesday #26

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Discolored: to change or spoil the color; After spilling paint on the drawing, the pictures were discolored.

Forensic: something used in a debate; The lawyer scattered forensics around the table to prove that the defendant is guilty.

Marvel: Something that causes wonder; The skyscraper above the cars was a marvel to everyone.

Shambles: A scene in destruction; The windows after the bombing were in shambles on the street.

Gambit: A move to gain an advantage; Being a tall person in crowds is a gambit.

Journal #49

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I think technology does make our lives easier because technology runs at high power and it runs smoothly when using the internet. Technology these days makes browsing easier and faster then before, they may also look appealing and advanced. There are lots of kinds of technology that helps us with out lives, like cell phones, tablets, laptops, they can be used for businesses or school. Without technology, there would be no way I am able to type this.

Wordy Wednesday #24

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Prodigy: a young child that has an extraordinary talent; The prodigy can eat 200 hot dogs in one hour.

Conceivable: (synonym) possible; Flying a plane through a storm sounds conceivable.

Detonates: to explode with violence; The planes crashed into the building then detonated with screaming people inside.

Smolder: to burn without flames; The asteroid crashed into Earth and surprisingly didn’t smolder.

Abstract: expressing a quality or characteristic; The painting had an abstract to it, with all its colors and shapes.

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