Wordy Wednesday #16

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Bizarre: (synonym) unusual; The animals at the zoo are really bizarre.

Prehistoric: of pertaining time or a period prior to history; Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals.

Intact: not altered, broken; The vase was intact after it falling off the counter.

Hoist: to raise or lift; The ballerina was hoisted by the man.

Toil: hard continuous work; The students was being toiled, good job!


Wordy Wednesday #15

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Prowess: (synonym) accomplishment; The man was proud that he made a prowess in the game.

Cunning; sly manner, deceiving; People can be cunning at times tricking them into money or other things.

Calamity: catastrophe; It was a calamity with all those animals running free. 

Superimposed: overlap; Fast runners usually superimpose the slower runners.

Incomprehensible: impossible to understand; The test was incomprehensible, almost everyone failed it.

Wordy Wednesday #14

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Infernal: cursed; The sword you pulled out might have been infernal.

Reputable: distinguished; Famous people buy their clothes at a reputable store.

Hostile: bitter; The old lady was acting hostile towards the football player.

Ominous: feeling doomed; When seeing there is no exit, they felt an ominous feeling.

Subterranean: buried; Underneath the ocean, there is a subterranean treasure.


Sci-Fi Unit: The Dandelion Girl

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Setting (Time and Place)

  • Do you think that the author accurately describes scientific principles in the novel? Why or why not?

1.) Yes, I do think the author describes the scientific principles in the novel, because they include time traveling, which is fiction, yet science.

  • List some items from the story that can be found now. List some items that seem to be the future.

2.) Some items from the story that can be found now is a suitcase, and a puzzle set. Some items from the future is a time machine.


  • Explain the characters’ involvement in the plot and story line

3.) The main character, Mark Randolph is a lawyer whose on a vacation on the countryside and meets a beautiful girl. They get to know each other and eventually fall in love. 

  • How are the characters important to the action of the novel?

4.) The characters are important to the action of the novel because Mark falls in love with another younger girl even though he has a wife. He later finds out something that makes him flabbergasted.

Plot (Story Line):

  • Does the plot focus on a particular area of science or scientific principle? Explain.

5.) Yes and no, the author describes a portion about science, which was time traveling but for the rest of the story, it’s just the modern time.

  • Do you think the conflict of the story is real or fictional? Provide examples to illustrate your choice.

6.) I think the conflict of the story is fictional because time travel machines do not exist. And Julie Danvers say she’s from the future, saying stuff about time police and what not. I think that’s fictional.


  • Why is this book considered to be science fiction?

7.) This story is a science fiction because it has time machines in it and that is not real, not real at all.

  • Any other thoughts?

8.) Some of my other thoughts is that at first, I found the story very confusing. But later on, I slowly began to understand what actually happened.








Wordy Wednesday #13

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Tranquility: calmness, peacefulness; The teacher wanted tranquility after a tiring day.

Squandering: wasting; Working on something else than the project is squandering time.

Douse: soak; The rain doused the clothing on the dry rack.

Imbecile: an idiot, someone stupid; Only an imbecile would set gasoline on fire.

Somnambulist: a sleepwalker; The somnambulist walked freely around the house at night.

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