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OMG Form for “Stop the Sun”:

Story Title: “Stop the Sun”
Author: Gary Paulsen
Characters: Terry and Terry’s dad
Theme(s): Vietnam War
Message: To talk about your feelings after something important or to not bring up something bad to someone and some things are worth knowing while others are worth moving on and focusing on the future otherwise, let go of the past.
Most important quote (remember to cite it): “That’s a bad part of my life….” page 52
Would you recommend this story to a friend and why or why not: Not really, because this story was depressing and sad and I like books that are exciting.

Protagonist of Book: Pendragon

The protagonist of my book is Bobby Pendragon, he is a 14 year old boy who thought had a normal life. Seems like he doesn’t. On the night of a huge basketball game, his uncle comes visit him to tell him that he needs to go with him. Bobby was scared the entire time and finds out he is needed to save a group of people and to save the world in a world called Denduron. If he ever wants to see his family again, he has to be the savior of this world…


09/07/12: Alternate Ending for “Max at Sea”

Months passed and Max couldn’t be happier, but one day, he felt depressed, he felt lonely and left out from the other beasts. It wasn’t pleasant to see them eat, so he always  sits alone eating his food. So he did what he had to do, leave the island and find another place. He wanted to go global actually, explore the world, find his father perhaps. While the beasts were joking away, Max quietly packed his stuff in a satchel, and quietly walked towards the boat.

“Max, where are you going king?” Carol asked, noticing Max was going somewhere. Max stopped dead in his tracks, took a deep breath, and turned around slowly.

“Oh you know, just going for a little sail”, he lied. Carol raised an eyebrow, the others now joining.

“Are you leaving us your majesty?” they all asked. Max gulped, what was he supposed to say? He tried to practice what he was going to say in his mind but that didn’t work as well.

“Umm not exactly, I’m planning a trip to you know, catch some fish”, Max stuttered, at only age 9, he knew how to fish. The beasts didn’t believe it, and were still suspicious.

“Hmmm, seems like you’re trying to escape aren’t you?!?” Carol roared. Max jumped at the voice and scurried away leaving the monsters to chase him. Max ran and ran with his little feet as fast as he could. He reached his throne and hid behind it. Max stumbled upon a wooden door.

“What’s this?” he wondered and opened the door. He gasped at the sight in front of him. There were bones everywhere including crowns and scepters.

“I knew it…I knew they ate their kings” he whispered. Max heard footsteps above him so he shut the door and locked it. He looked around everywhere and tried finding another spot or to find some sort of rescue. He dove through the piles of bones and their values. He dug through everything until finally….he found another door!

“A door, perfect!” he exclaimed while pumping his fist in the air. Max ran to the door and tried to open but it wouldn’t budge!

“Oh great…” he muttered.

“King where are you? We need to eat you since you decided to run off” one of the monsters yelled. This made Max even more nervous so he thought for a bit and an idea struck him.

“I need something small, something small”, he mumbled looking through piles again. Something shiny caught his eye….a key???

“What on earth is a key doing here???” he asked sounding astonished. Shrugging, he picked up the shiny key, and put it through the keyhole, what a coincidence, it fit!

“Wait a minute, this door looks like it’s been open! Break it, now!” Judith shouted, and the door started open.

“Oh come on!” Max said exasperated. Max fumbled with the key until it clicked and opened, he did a little happy dance, grabbed his pack and headed off to the water.

“Goodbye everyone…I’ll miss you”, he whispered before closing the door and throwing the key into the water, jumped on the sailboat, and sailed to freedom…. ‘

“Father….here I come”, Max whispered, before falling asleep.


After Max’s 10 birthday, he finally reached New York, he remembered his father’s address when he visited him a few years ago. There it was, the door to his dad…. He knocked and waited. Max heard footsteps, this made his heart race fast.

“Hello…?” the man asked, looking down at Max. Max grinned, it was his father!

“Dad, it’s me…Max”, he said, hugging his legs. He gasped and hugged him back tightly. Max told him all about his journey this past two years, and Max’s dad was shocked.

“How did you survive by yourself?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I just brought the most important sources” Max shrugged.

“I’ve been thinking, how about you raise me from now on?” Max asked with his puppy dog eyes.

“I’d be happy to Max, you are my son”, he answered. So the father and son lived happily ever after, raising his son, home schooling him and taking him out to parks and ice-cream, it was the perfect relationship. One night…

“Now this….is a happy ending”, Max whispered before closing his eyes to a peaceful night.



The conflict of my story, “Pendragon” is that Bobby must find a way to save a world called Denduron from a saint called Saint Dane. It all started when his Uncle, requested him to ride with him to an underground subway. He soon learns he must defeat Dane and save people from him. Bobby must also save his Uncle Press from a group of knights named Kagan. Unfortunately, Bobby is not sure if he is a Traveler, a person that can go into the Denduron world, but he soon learns that he is proclaimed to be one, to stop Saint Dane from destroying both worlds. One of his companions, Loor, seems to be dissatisfied of him for being a Traveler and keeps putting him down.  Another conflict is that from Second world, his friends, Mark and Courtney are trying to figure out if Bobby’s letter are true or is it just a prank?



The characters, Bobby Pendragon and Loor, a Traveler, are somewhat like my friends. I don’t want to say their names but I can describe their personality! For one of my friends, they like to play sports, more like basketball, just like Bobby, but they don’t play games, they just play for fun. She’s very smart and can think fast, exactly like Bobby. For Loor, she’s brave, strong, and fearless, now to be honest, I don’t think I have any friends that are like that… :___: but on the other hand, most of them are brave and strong! They can win any argument and won’t back down. Another trait that is similar to the main character is that they may feel scared and don’t want to show their weak side, and gather up his courage and takes his bravery over. I am like this sometimes because I get scared when it comes to things I’d hate to see or feared by. So I take a deep breath, and like Bobby, gather up my courage and show my brave side.



I think this book is interesting because I like to cook most of the time and thought this book looked cute as the cover and might have some cool desserts to make 🙂 It can also be useful to my Random page in the foods category! And plus, I love SWEETS they’re so yummy and like I said, looks so cute! Very unique too, to see these kinds of foods I haven’t seen before, that is why I think this book is interesting!



My favorite character for the story, The Hitchhiker is well, the hitchhiker! Michael Fish, is his name I believe. I like this character because the way Roald Dahl describes his features makes him act like a villain, but really, he’s the protagonist. He is not evil in a certain way, he may pick pocket things from people, but not the poor ones or ones who help him. But the wealthy people, ones who don’t even realize some of their money is gone. So it’s like a good thing…sord of… but still, the hitchhiker is my favorite character!



In my IR book, “The Penderwicks”, what happened so far was that the four sisters, are still having adventures with their neighbor, Jeffrey. They get into all these mishaps with his mother, Mrs. Tifton. With only a week and a half left, they want to keep exploring Arundel, the place they are visiting for the summer. But will they if Mrs. Tifton keeps ruining their fun? I am on page 153.


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