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Ok, i’m officially a horrible blogger sowwie guys… TT^TT but on the other hand.. merry late christmas and have a happy new year!!. I’m planning some new stuff for the blog so stay tuned!!!~~~

-Lani ❤


Wordy Wednesday #12

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Endangered: close to extinction: There are some animals in the world that are endangered.

Extinction: no longer existing: Dinosaurs have been extinct for thousands of years.

Undisputed: not challenged or question; Weak players are usually undisputed.

Ferocity: extremely fierce; His stiff postured and eyes had ferocity in him.

Mortified: to cause someone embarrassment, humiliated, or ashamed; After the prank, the boy felt mortified because of the classmates laughing. 

“Liar” Questions

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Setting(Time and Place)

1.) Yes I think the author describes scientific principles in the novel because it has a robot character that can read minds, Herbie.

2.) Some details from the novel that describes science is the Herbie, a robot that can talk and read minds.


3.) The characters’ are important to the action because Herbie told Dr. Susan Calvin and Peter Borgert statements to cheer them up.

4.) No, I don’t think there are any characters that are different from those in the other genres. Because it’s normal for a person to fall in love, and a person to argue with another.

Plot (Story Line):

5.) Yes, i think the plot focuses on a particular area of science because there’s a robot in the story that can talk and read minds, that’s a trope for sci-fi.

6.) I think the conflict of this story is both real and fictional because one, I don’t think a robot can read minds and it’s real because the situation between Milton Ashe and Dr. Susan Calvin are pretty much everyday lives.


7.) This book is considered to be science fiction because again, the novel has a talking, live, and mind reading robot that can have conversations with humans.

8.) Some other thoughts I have are that it was mean for Dr. Susan Calvin to confron Herbie, he was only trying to make her and Bogert feel better, but ended up hurting them.

Wordy Wednesday #11

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Lousy: (synonym) terrible, miserable, horrible; I don’t like it when there are lousy substitute teachers. 

Territorial: a reference to a specific territory; Some animals can be territorial of their land.

Abounds: to exist in great quantities; Women usually have abounds of clothing.

Wallows: to roll in something; The dog wallows in a pile of trash after taking a bath.

Decay: decompose; When flowers/plants die, they’d decay.

EPICAC Questions

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1.) Yes, I think the author describes scientific principles in the novel because in this story, it has a computer that answers all sorts of questions.

2.) Some details that describe science is the computer, EPICAC it can answer your questions by typing it out on a piece of paper and can also have conversations.


3.) The characters’ involvement in the plot and story line are that the narrator treats EPICAC as a person, having conversations with it and that EPICAC has feelings, and the narrator “gossips” with it.

4.) The characters are important to the action because it explains how EPICAC works and what the narrator does to it, treating it like a person, a machine, etc.

Plot (Story Line):

5.) The plot does focus on a particular area of science because they have a “talking” computer, which helps people with their economic problems.

6.) I think the conflict is real because I think it’s possible for scientists to invent a computer that answers questions. Some examples the narrator talks with it, not really asking questions, just having a chat. And plus, the computer displays feelings when it falls in love with Pat, after writing those poems to her.


7.) I think the author chose to write about this incident is maybe they had a similar experience, asking someone to do something for them, and that person taking credit instead.

8.) Some other thoughts I had were when EPICAC killed itself and yet left 500 poems for the narrator and his wife. I thought is was sad for EPICAC being killed and yet thought of his friend’s happiness.

Wordy Wednesday #10

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**Note to my teacher: Can you fix my zero please? Thank you! 🙂 **

Lament: to mourn; After the earthquake, a lot of people lamented over their loved ones.

Panache:a grand or flamboyant manner; Actors who play certain characters must have panache.

Zen: Buddhism; Asian nationalities have different practices of religion, Christianity, Buddhism, etc.

Disgrace:loss of reputation; After making so many racist comments, I now disgrace that person.

Solitary: done or existing alone; Widows usually have a solitary life.

Blog Homework 12/4/12

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Question: Would you live in the setting of your book?

Yes, because the area where the Penderwicks live seems very exquisite and fun. I especially want to explore all the hidden passages such as the tunnel, a closet, etc. And plus, it’s half way through the country where I live too! I always wanted to travel far, far away from my home again!

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