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3.) Did you like the story? Why or why not? I think it was between yes and no because it was disappointing at the end. I thought they’d end up together, but the didn’t. Overall, it was a pretty good story but the author should’ve changed the plot a little more like having the bag boy and girl talk and hang out, or get to know each other more. They should’ve at least write what happened during or after the movies . And I also think it’s right for the guy to make the first move in my opinion. And lastly, I did enjoy it and all but the relationship between the guy and the girl made me disappointed, they would’ve made a great couple.


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make sure to check my pages/post daily! I’ll be posting as much as i can each day so hope u can take the time to look through them! thnxx!~~~

Friday Favs~

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August 25th,

Every friday or so, i’d do a post about my weekly favorite clothing, accessories, foods, mall stores, songs, something like that, now for our 1st week for clothing is cardigans and polka dot tops, etc.  Fav accessories are bow necklaces and rings, super cute! so yea every friday or every other week, i’d post some of the things i’d love to have! hope u enjoyed this first one! cya next week!

TGIF yay surviv…

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TGIF yay survived my first week of school! but had homework ;~; messed right there but classes and teachers are pretty good i guess…. kk laterss~

Homemade Oreos

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First Link

omg this looks soo good i wanna try to make it :O


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whoop updated my pages! make sure to check them out! more will be coming soon, updates daily so follow and comment!

k, bout the int…

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k, bout the intro, i change my mind, there’s a chance that i will post pics, but dunno when so yea and second, umm probably won’t do how to pages either but i will post the links…maybe some videos.. peace~

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