MLK Speech Questions

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1.) “Five score years ago” was a strong way to begin his speech because it was a symbolic shadow which signed the Emancipation Proclamation and it came as a great light of hope for the Negroes.

2.) A metaphor for his speech would be “…lives on a lonely island of poverty…vast ocean of material prosperity”. This affects his speech by showing how Negroes live unfairly by the whites.

3.) A simile for his speech would be “…until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream”. This affects the speech by Negroes will not be satisfied being treated unfairly and until everyone is being treated equally.

4.) Repetition for King’s speech would be “I have a dream” and it affects the speech by him emphasizing that Negroes will have the right to do whatever they want and there will be no racism.

5.) The quote King said is an effective method because segregation and discrimination is basically isolation because Negroes are usually isolated by whites and their owners.

6.) King used all 3 of them, he uses pathos when he strikes emotional values of both black and white people, use of bible causes, “And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed…”. He uses ethos he spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and analogizes him, “Five score years ago”, and uses logos by saying “America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has back marked insufficient funds”.


Wordy Wednesday #23

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Revolting: (synonym) disgusting; The smell of the stinky cheese was revolting in then kitchen.

Phlegm: A thick mucus; He sneezed out a phlegm more than three times today.

Valiant: Boldly, or very courageous; The valiant hero sacrificed his own life to save the girl.

Careening: To lean, sway, or tip to one side; The drunk man was careening on the streets.

Gullible: Easily deceived; She was so gullible, that she thought she actually won a trip to the moon.

Wordy Wednesday #22

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Vandal: a person who vandalizes/destroys something; The boy thought he was a vandal by drawing on the walls.

Devours: to swallow or eat hungrily; The giant devoured the helpless, pitiful campers.

Mayhem: rowdy disorder; The robbery attack caused a mayhem for everyone in the neighborhood.

Carnage: slaughter or a great number of people or dead bodies; There was a carnage on the street during the zombie apocalypse.

Suppress: to put an end to an activity; They have to suppress, since they have no chance of winning that video game.

Wordy Wednesday #21

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Sentient: to perceive or feel things; Some people are believe that animals are sentient just like them.

Porous: permeable to fluids; Always close the door when painting since wood can be porous.

Geysers: hot spring that spouts water and steam; There are a lot of geysers at Yellowstone park.

Dismember: Cutting off limbs of an animals or human; Butchers dismember animals before preparing them to be sold.

Glistening; reflecting light, sparkle, shining; The crystals were glistening everywhere in the cave.


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