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OK…this post is for my teacher…. my protagonist IS in my Blog Hw page, it’s combined with “Stop the Sun” and umm again, my summary was emailed to u on the 21st. Thank you!



Something new i…

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Something new is coming this weekend…or Monday x)) it’s related to school work so yeaaa, around that time I’ll be posting my book project for Pendragon: The Merchant of Death. It has two parts, one is several blog entries, and the other is a book review, if you want to read those, feel free too, although they may be sucky πŸ˜› haha read the book it’s really good!~~


Random post, be…

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Random post, because i’m bored πŸ˜› just finished homework…little fact hehehe can’t do THAT many updates since i have a million tests, quizzes, projects…that reminds me…i gotta do my book project… x( ohh welll time to do it… sighhh working on updates at the same time too HAHAHA multi tasking ftw!


Wordy Wednesday #1

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Sentences are bolded!

Postponed- to put off to a later time; The quiz was postponed until Friday!

Sadistic- synonym: ruthless, vicious; The babysitter was very sadistic.

Ritual- religious procedure for a culture: Rituals are performed usually on holidays.

Overstimulated- to rouse, to action, or effort; They might’ve overstimulated on their project.

Transcendental- surpassing or superior; Transcendental creator of the universe is also the spirit of love, power, and the mind.


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What’s today? Tuesday? Lol ok this week, I probably will only update my blog hw page.. πŸ˜› poo…. i will update just not every day okiee? ok, next topic, i gave up on friday favs even tho i only did one.. LOL yaaa i am lazy and not enough time for me. kk normal routine after you read this, check my page, like, comment, whatever do whatever ok? OK BYEEEE~~



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YESH I FINALLY updated my pages, for the Random page, I added some links from youtube, and for Origami, I posted some cute kawaii origami pics :33 Check them out if you’re interested~ ahaaha



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It’s a Thursday, one more day until Friday and the weekend! So far, I haven’t really been updating my pages but I’ve been busy with school and stuff…. but I did update my Blog HW one, but that’s for my teacher…. ^^” sorry guys, I PROMISE to update them during the weekend!

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