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Hai there! First week of October! It’s still hot though…. TT_TT sigh… anyhoo new stuff is coming to the blog! Yay…. lol so ya normal stuff, homework, updates a few times maybe less maybe more. KK BAIIII~~



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YESH I FINALLY updated my pages, for the Random page, I added some links from youtube, and for Origami, I posted some cute kawaii origami pics :33 Check them out if you’re interested~ ahaaha



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It’s a Thursday, one more day until Friday and the weekend! So far, I haven’t really been updating my pages but I’ve been busy with school and stuff…. but I did update my Blog HW one, but that’s for my teacher…. ^^” sorry guys, I PROMISE to update them during the weekend!

11th year for 9/11 attack

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In honor of the 9/11 attack here’s a photo from a 20 dollar bill all you have to do is some folding =) but otherwise, R.I.P to those who died on that horrifying day.

updates every day!

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make sure to check my pages/post daily! I’ll be posting as much as i can each day so hope u can take the time to look through them! thnxx!~~~

Friday Favs~

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August 25th,

Every friday or so, i’d do a post about my weekly favorite clothing, accessories, foods, mall stores, songs, something like that, now for our 1st week for clothing is cardigans and polka dot tops, etc.  Fav accessories are bow necklaces and rings, super cute! so yea every friday or every other week, i’d post some of the things i’d love to have! hope u enjoyed this first one! cya next week!


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whoop updated my pages! make sure to check them out! more will be coming soon, updates daily so follow and comment!

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Yay. Homework time.


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