Wordy Wednesday #5

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Aggravation: an increase in intensity, seriousness; The aggravation of the movie is getting more suspenseful.

Intellect: the power of the mind/brain, complex thinker; Calvin is a intellect mastermind when messing with babysitters.

Injustice: violation of rights, inequity; It’s injustice when someone breaks into a house and steals their valuables.

Indomitable: (synonyms) invincible, stubborn; Kids can sometimes be indomitable when their parents take away their fun for a period of time.

Regurgitates: to cause or surge back, return,. give back; I feel the urge to regurgitate a food item if it looks nasty or smells bad.


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Heyyooo i am back!! more stuff coming right after this post! so check it out if interested!~


Next week, i will be really busy so i’ll do as much updating as possible other than that, with all my apologies, have a nice weekend!!!

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Hai guys!!! long time no blog! HAHA well fyi updates for meme page came about 5 minutes ago x))) check them out more will be coming soon….very soon….

Wordy Wednesday #4

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Fiendish: cruel, wicked; The babysitter was fiendish to the kids, they didn’t like her.

Cretin: a stupid, obtuse person; The kid was cretin when he couldn’t figure out the easiest question .

Magnitude: size, extent dimension; The magnitude of the building was huge!

Amazon: tall, powerful aggressive woman; The amazon woman was yelling at her kids!

Vermillion: a bright red color to a reddish orange color; The vermillion colored lamp changed into a different color.

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Sorry i havent been blogging for the past few days/ been busy with stuff and stuff and more stuff ^^” updates will come umm next week?? HEHE


Wordy Wednesday #3

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Catapult: a device in which something is hurled for a far distance; The warriors launched rocks from a catapult towards their enemy.

Epidemic: a widespread disease in a particular time; Rumors are flying through town about an epidemic from the hospital.

Violate: to break or fail to follow a rule; Students these days may take the chance to violate a rule.

Ordinance: a piece of legislation; The Land Ordinance of 1785 and 1787 established rules for settling new lands and creating new states.

Foe: an enemy, opponent; Are they the foe of the game?

Tyranny: cruel and oppressive government or rule; The tyranny was very cruel to their people and didn’t treat them right.



Couple of things i gotta say:

1.) Thanks to Cake144, i know what to update now! HEHE 😀

2.) Blog Homework page has been updated for today’s homework ^-^

3.) You know what to do after every post…. >: D

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