Wordy Wednesday #9

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Dank: unpleasantly moist, humid; The food was so dankit had an odd odor coming from it.

Demise: (synonym) failure, collapse; The emperor was so weak, he demised.

Evasive: tending to avoid commitment; You are being very evasive about your time.

Maneuvers: a series of movements requiring skills; This is probably his only skill while doing an aerobatic maneuver.

Naught: the digit zero; It’s very, very easy to count down from ten to naught.


Wordy Wednesday #8

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Ironic: containing irony; It all seems ironic now, standing in the drizzle rain waiting for the bus.

Omen: an event in regards of good or bad; In some regions, they all killed by the local people who believe they have an ill omen.

Profanity; a curse word; After losing the game, he was muttering a string of profanities.

Lewd: characterized by; What lewd behavior!



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Happy Thanksgiving! And good luck for those of you going Black Friday shopping, those can get crazy.

Blog Homework page updated, and Random stuff page will be updated soon!

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EEEEKKKK FINALLY updated my pages!!! <(^_^)> hug anyone? No? Okie…. ;~;

Ok, as i was trying to say, i added some stuff to some pages, hope you find them fast lol okie have a nice weekend bye byee~

Wordy Wednesdays #7

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Arbitrarily: subject to individual or judgement without restriction;

  • Though arbitrarily enforced, you can only bring home one liter of wine duty-free.

Dismay: to break down courage, sudden danger; The surprised attack dismayed the enemy.

Ruckus: a noisy commotion; The protestors are sure to raise a ruckus.

Innards: internal workings; I wonder how the Apple workers make the new devices’ innards so small, and useful. 

Editorials: articles in newspaper, expressing an opinion of the publisher; There are dozens of editorials in a daily newspaper.


Wordy Wednesday #6

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Intrepid: fearless; The hero of the book was intrepid from anything.

Desolate: deserted; Most planets in the galaxy are desolate.

Caustic: capable of burning; Did you read the warning label? It says “CAREFUL! CAUSTIC

Corrosive: harmful, destructive; Earthquakes can be very corrosive.

Noxious: injurious to health or physical well-being; Be careful, she may be noxious climbing that tree.

~November Projects~

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Haiyoo it’s November! That means Thanksgiving! To celebrate the upcoming holidays, I’m planning a few projects for the following pages, wait nevermind, probably all of them YAY ^_^

will include: fashion, recipes, origami projects, teehee buh byeee until next time~~


xoxojenniferr ❤

omg hi, nice to meet you ❤


Yay. Homework time.


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