Wordy Wednesday #20

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Smidgen: a very small amount; It was a close game, but the girl won by a smidgen.

Cynical: a belief that people only do things to serve their own needs; People who don’t like crowds often become cynical and eventually, become an outcast.

Disembodied: separated from the body; The shattered glass and blood was disembodied from the murdered person.

Piqued: having curiosity (excitement); When they found an old treasure chest, the kids automatically became piqued.

Perceptive: having/showing sensitive insight; The agent was perceptive of the not so clean office room.


Romantic/Tragedy Mood Stories

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Once upon a time, a prince from the east and a princess from the west meet and fell in love, but sadly, the boy was already engaged to another girl he had no interest in. Their parents are rivals towards each other and forbid the prince and the princess to see each other, but that’s not going to stop them from seeing each other. So every day and night, the two would meet somewhere and talk, get to know each other, and fall in love even more. On the wedding day, right about when the prince was reluctantly going to say his vows, the princess came barging through the door, making everyone stop and turn around. The prince smiled with a glow on his face and ran towards her, and they embrace. The guests gasp, and the parents are outraged, but the bride was happy with it and accepted it. She started clapping and slowly, everyone started to clap, and the prince’s parents start to understand the true meaning of love and smiled. So on that day, the prince, and the princess got married and lived happily ever after.



There was a newlywed couple, both were very much in love with each other. One day, when the husband went to work and the wife stayed home since she’s pregnant. Around six o’ clock, she waited delightfully for her husband to come home, but he never did, she tried calling him but it went to voice mail. As the hours passed, she became more worried, and yet he would not answer the phone, finally, at around nine o’ clock, there was a knock, she opened it and saw two police cops. “Good evening, are you Mrs. Watson?” they asked. “Yes”, she replied.  “Well, I’m sorry to say that your husband has been in an accident, he saved a young couple from getting hit by a taxi”, the policeman said. She couldn’t say anything, as if her whole life just paused, her friends came rushing in the door, shoving the cops aside and comforted her. They quickly drove to the hospital and checked in to see Mr. Watson. When she saw him, she burst into tears, crying and clutching his hand, praying he would wake up. All of a sudden, doctors and nurses came rushing in shouting orders, but she didn’t care, all she wanted was to see her husband wake up, That is until, a nurse asked her to leave in order to perform surgery. She refused but when she saw the heart rate monitor she gasped, the doctors were too late though… “beeeeeep” cried the monitor, and there goes the very last breath of Mr. Watson.


Wordy Wednesday #19


Predicament: A difficult, unpleasant situation; The boy thought studying for a test is a predicament.

Preordained: to decide or determine beforehand; The teacher must preordain on whether her class will go on a field trip or not.

Unalterable: Not capable/possible to be changed; The laws of states were unalterable.

Expedition: A journey with a definite objective; The sailors’ expedition to find treasure lasted for months.

Frigid: very cold weather; The weather was so frigid no one dared to go outside.

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