Setting(Time and Place)

1.) Yes I think the author describes scientific principles in the novel because it has a robot character that can read minds, Herbie.

2.) Some details from the novel that describes science is the Herbie, a robot that can talk and read minds.


3.) The characters’ are important to the action because Herbie told Dr. Susan Calvin and Peter Borgert statements to cheer them up.

4.) No, I don’t think there are any characters that are different from those in the other genres. Because it’s normal for a person to fall in love, and a person to argue with another.

Plot (Story Line):

5.) Yes, i think the plot focuses on a particular area of science because there’s a robot in the story that can talk and read minds, that’s a trope for sci-fi.

6.) I think the conflict of this story is both real and fictional because one, I don’t think a robot can read minds and it’s real because the situation between Milton Ashe and Dr. Susan Calvin are pretty much everyday lives.


7.) This book is considered to be science fiction because again, the novel has a talking, live, and mind reading robot that can have conversations with humans.

8.) Some other thoughts I have are that it was mean for Dr. Susan Calvin to confron Herbie, he was only trying to make her and Bogert feel better, but ended up hurting them.